• Follow Progress On These

    Follow Progress On These

    Two stretched on the wall with hide glue and titanium ground applied, will now await drying. Check back here to observe progress on these beginning the first week of August.

  • Testing for Scale

    Testing for Scale

    This is a test of size and weight to find the best solution for the next series of works. The painting is from 2020, Oil on Linen and this scales to 120" x 96".



    Typically I will ground the canvas with lead white over hide glue and then drawing and paint the image completely with (as here) Raw Umber that I have have ground myself. In some cases the underpainting or Grisaille is a place where I choose to stop, as I have here. This painting is 63 x 79 inches on linen.

  • To a Go-Go 2020

    To a Go-Go 2020

    I have used the time quarantined to explore grinding my own colors and applying more traditionally sound methods of application to the painting. Slowing the process gives time for all that surrounds us in the news and in our terrified souls to find a way into the paintings adding a visual language to the feelings generated by social and personal upheaval. To A Go-Go, thoughts on meeting downtown to let them know how we feel, Oil on Linen 70x80, 2020.

  • Losing My Balance

    Losing My Balance

    A work in Progress, getting close now. One more session.
    Losing My Balance. Oil on Linen, 65x79, 2020

  • A new untitled piece in progress that I will share updates of as it completes. This is Oil on Linen and is 65 x 79 inches.